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Lucky Jet is a title that has taken online casinos by storm. Most European iGaming websites that have this game in their lobbies have reported it being tremendously popular. Even though the core concept is not necessarily fresh, some additional features and the unique style of the game makes it feel unique.

Like with every new game, it is always better to try it for yourself, however, learning some extra details about the title cannot hurt. Moreover, the players who have never tried a Crash game should definitely discover some information regarding Lucky Jet before rushing in, as there’s a lot to learn.

What Is Lucky Jet?

Review of online games Lucky Jet at 1Win casino

At its core, Lucky Jet is a classic Crash game that became popular a couple of years ago. The basics are very much the same as with every game in the genre, but as many players are still not familiar with it, they will be explained in the next section of this article.

The title was released in early 2023, so it is by all standards a fresh and innovative game. The software provider has clearly put a ton of effort into optimizing the title, as Lucky Jet is performing extremely well on most devices, and its compatibility is decent.

Essentially, the players of Lucky Jet are betting on a constantly growing multiplier that may crash at any moment voiding their bets. Before such a crash occurs, the players can withdraw their winnings.

What Are the Rules?

How to play and what are the rules Lucky Jet?

As any other title in the iGaming industry, Lucky Jet has some rules the players will inevitably have to follow. First of all, the bet has to be made before the round begins. New rounds are launched automatically, as all the players at an online casino are enjoying the same lobby of Lucky Jet. Unlike with RNG-based games, the users do not have the control over the beginning of the round, so they have to place their wagers between the rolls.

As soon as the round begins, the users become eligible to redeem their bets. The multiplier is growing constantly, and the winnings the player will be able to withdraw depend on how long they will hold onto their wagers. An early withdrawal might be significantly safer, but it is also less beneficial. It is also worth mentioning that the game may crash at x1.00, not giving the players a chance to safely redeem their bet.

Some other rules include the betting limits the game has. The minimum sum it is possible to wager in Lucky Jet is $0.1, while the maximum sum the players can bet is $140. The users can submit no more than two wagers in the same round, and there is no maximum limit on winnings.

Where Can You Play Lucky Jet?

Even though Lucky Jet is a game of a unique genre, the approach to its development and distribution is the same as for all other online casino titles. Like all slot machines, live dealer tables, and other games, it was created by a software provider and distributed to multiple iGaming websites.

Thus, there are several online casinos that have Lucky Jet in their game lobbies. The most popular of them is 1win Casino, which is considered the main official distributor of this title. The place has a positive reputation internationally, which arguably makes it the best casino to play Lucky Jet.

How to Play Lucky Jet

Finding an online casino that offers Lucky Jet is only half of the job. There are several other steps a user has to perform in order to actually play this game for real money. In this section, these steps will be described in detail so that even aspiring gamblers will be able to follow them and enjoy this new crash game.

Step 1: Registration


First things first, it is necessary to set up an account at the online casino you’re planning to play Lucky Jet at. Most commonly, it will require you hitting the Register or Sign Up button, which is usually located in the top-right corner of the interface.

After doing it, you will see a new window pop-up: it is necessary to fill out all the fields there. A typical registration procedure requires the player to choose a nickname, create a password, and share some of their details. The process is usually rather intuitive, so even beginners should be able to figure it out.

Registration at 1win casino

Step 2: Making a deposit


As soon as the profile is ready, there is still one thing left to do: add the money to the balance. After all, it is impossible to bet real funds when you have none on your account. Most online casinos have a large Deposit button that is also located in the top-right corner of the website.

Clicking on it will open the site’s cashier. There, the users should select a banking method out of the list of available options. Traditionally, iGaming platforms accept credit and debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers, and sometimes even cryptocurrencies for deposits.

After selecting the payment option, it is necessary to enter the amount of the transaction. Lastly, the users should click on the corresponding button to finish the transaction and approve it on the page of their payment method if necessary.

Step 3: Playing the game


After the funds are delivered to the account balance, there is nothing left in your way. The only thing left to do is to visit the game lobby and find Lucky Jet there. At 1win Casino, the title has a special section in the pinned menu on the top. At other casinos, it is possible to use the search tools to find the desired game in the lobby.

As soon as the title is launched, the player can make a bet on the upcoming round. It is done by entering the wager sum in one of the two fields in the bottom and clicking on the Submit button. The wager is applied on the upcoming round, so the user should be ready to withdraw their wager when the game begins.

Demo Version of Lucky Jet


Many players who like the concept of Lucky Jet and would like to try it for free have asked the software provider for a demo version. Unfortunately, there is no such version available right now, but there is some good news as well.

While you cannot get bonus credits to make trial bets in Lucky Jet, there is still an opportunity to learn the game for free. The users are able to watch the rounds as they are played. To do so, it is not even necessary to create an account. Of course, you won’t be able to submit a bet, but it will be possible to watch other people bet and cash out, making the rules easier to comprehend.

Features of Lucky Jet

The features of Lucky Jet can be split into two categories: core mechanics and additional features. Core mechanics are the same as in all other Crash games. The players can make a bet between the rounds, and when the round begins, they are able to withdraw their wagers until the game crashes.

Basically, these are all the basic interactions the players can have with the game: betting and withdrawing the wager. The interface of the title makes it more intuitive, as the players can see the multiplier clearly at all times. The countdown before the next round is also large so no users would miss the beginning of the game.

Additional Features

While the core features are very basic, it all becomes more interesting with additional mechanics implemented to the game. After all, the comprehensive set of additional features is the main reason Lucky Jet became so popular on European iGaming websites. Most of these features are aimed at improving the social aspect of the game.

These social features include several completely new opportunities for the players. Firstly, they can see all the participants of every round. It is even possible to see when the other players decide to withdraw, as the information is updated in real-time. Secondly, the game displays the multipliers that were rolled in the previous rounds, which might be useful for some strategies.

On top of that, there is a leaderboard section, where you can explore the best results of other players of Lucky Jet. There, you will find the players who had the largest one-time winnings and the users who managed to cash-out on the highest multipliers.

Aside from that, there are three mechanical features experienced players will find interesting. The first of them is the option to make two bets simultaneously: most Crash games have only one bet, so it is an innovation of Lucky Jet to offer two wagers at a time. The second and the third additional features are called Auto-Bet and Auto-Redeem. As their names imply, they enable the players to set up automatic placement of wagers and automatic withdrawals at specified multipliers.

Playing Lucky Jet on Mobile

As it was already mentioned in this article, it is also possible to play Lucky Jet on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The title is available on Android, iOS, and essentially on any other operating system that supports the HTML-5 programming language.

In fact, there are two different options available for playing the game on mobile: it is either possible to launch it on an iGaming website, or you can play it in a downloadable application of an online casino. Of course, in both instances, it is important to ensure the selected casino has Lucky Jet in its game lobby.

Web Browsers

The vast majority of European online casinos have their websites optimized for mobile devices. This means they can be played right from the browsers of portable devices of almost any operating system. The websites usually automatically detect whether the player is using a PC or a mobile device, so the player won’t need to specifically search for a mobile link of their casino: it will launch the portable version automatically.

Lucky Jet itself plays rather well in web-versions of online casinos. The game has an interface that adjusts to the size of the screen in a comfortable way, and all the features are the same as on desktops. It is fair to say web based casinos offer a full experience to players of this game.

Downloadable Apps

The second option that is also viable for mobile players is to download a casino app. Many iGaming platforms have software for Android and iOS, so it won’t be an issue to find an app for your device. What might be a little bit more challenging is to find a casino app that has Lucky Jet in it. Only a small portion of casinos have their apps and a small portion of iGaming platforms offer Lucky Jet, so the users will need to find a platform that offers both.

The experience with the game is also seamless and full in such apps. It is the same game as in the web version, so the players will have a full experience here as well. There will be nothing different from a web based casino, so the users should make the choice based on other aspects of the experience.

Mobile version Lucky Jet

Hacks and Cheats for Lucky Jet

As the game became more popular, the web started to get full of malicious software that claims to predict the results of every round of Lucky Jet. Many beginners and users who are not as tech-savvy fall for these scams, so it is worth covering it here today. The programs may have different features, but all of them claim to grant the user some sort of an advantage over the game.

As you might have already guessed, none of these programs actually work. Most of them are designed to extract your personal and financial information from the device you install such a program on. Lucky Jet is based on RNG, and the results are generated in real-time, meaning it is impossible to predict them in advance.

The game is well-protected from hacks, but it is not even the main point. Even if there was a program that could beat the game, there would be no motivation for its owner to share it. Moreover, using hacks is against the Terms of Service of any casino, and the platform simply would not allow you to withdraw funds obtained in an unfair way.

Strategies and Tricks for Lucky Jet

As for the strategies and tricks for Lucky Jet, it is important to remember that it is an online casino game. As all experienced gamblers know, all casino games have an advantage over the players that guarantees them to generate profits in the long run. It is called a house edge, and Lucky Jet also has one.

The game is mechanically programmed to be beneficial for the developer and provider, so it is impossible to beat it consistently. Nevertheless, there exist some approaches that may help you to improve the results. The first of them implies betting only after the game crashes at x1.05 or on a lower multiplier. The idea is that the game is less likely to crash like that twice in a row, although it still happens from time to time.

Another approach is to make two bets every round. With one of the bets, the players cash out at around x2.00, which pays the second bet. The second bet is used to fish for a higher multiplier. This approach enables the players to be more greedy with the second bet as it is already paid by the first wager.


How do I launch Lucky Jet?

In order to launch Lucky Jet, it is necessary to find an online casino that has this game in its lobby. Then, the players should create an account and make a deposit. After that, they should visit the game lobby, find Lucky Jet, and click on its icon. This will launch the game, and the only thing left to do is to submit the wager.

Can I play on mobile?

Yes, there are two options to play Lucky Jet on mobile devices. First of all, you can download an application of a casino that has this title in its lobby. Secondly, it is possible to find a web-based casino that has a mobile version and play the game there. In both cases, you won’t miss out on any features of the game.

How do I deposit money into Lucky Jet?

You don’t deposit money into Lucky Jet. To make a real money bet in this game, it is necessary to make a deposit to the online casino you’re playing at. Doing so usually involves clicking on the Deposit button, selecting a deposit method, entering the transaction amount, and confirming the payment. The money is then used from the casino balance to make bets in Lucky Jet.

How do I register?

In order to set up a profile, you will need to click on the Register or Sign Up button at the online casino. Then, you will be asked to create a nickname and share some personal information. It is important to enter valid details, as the casino may later ask you to verify them.

How much can I win?

There is no maximum limit on winnings in Lucky Jet. The maximum bet is limited to $140, but the multipliers can get exceptionally high, guaranteeing the players exceptionally large winnings. Right now, the number one result on the leaderboard is $161,000 from one bet.

Can I try the game for free?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to play Lucky Jet for free, as the game is only available for real money betting. However, it is possible to spectate the game for free in order to get a better grasp on the rules of the game.

Lucky Jet
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  1. Steven

    I was actually shocked when I discovered the leaderboard. Some people managed to redeem at over x1,000, which blows my mind. I’ve only seen such a multiplier once, and whenever it goes close to x100 I always chicken out unless I already have done it on x20

    1. BobLuck

      I’m having a blast with this game, and I’ve never seen anything like it. With slots, you just spin and wait, but here, you have to make the decisions that actually have a direct impact on the outcome. It is really amazing, and I’m looking forward to playing new games like this..

      1. Bananza

        I really like the game but I really hate the soundtrack. It’s on mute for me from day one, as it is too loud and out of place, it totally breaks the mood for me. All the other aspects are perfectly fine, which is why I’m still playing Lucky Jet regularly.

  2. Jet Luck

    The game is awesome. I’ve played some crash games before, but there’s something about Lucky Jet that makes it special. I don’t really use the additional features it has, I simply like the environment and the smoothness of the experience

  3. Andy 777

    The mobile version could be slightly better optimized, to be honest. The interface is fine, but it sometimes lags when I want to cash out, so I’ll wait for an update. Otherwise, Lucky Jet has been great for me, I’m still playing it on PC almost every day

  4. Nice Game Lucky Game

    The features you have here are kind of nice. Other crash games used to lag on me all the time, not letting me withdraw and causing me to lose. Automatic withdrawal now saves me every time my connection drops, which is a massive advantage for mobile players like me!!!

  5. x100

    To be honest, I don’t see why anyone would want to download a casino app just to play Lucky Jet. It is available in the browser, and you can always pin the casino to your home screen without risking accidentally installing some malware on your personal phone

  6. 1win The BEST

    At my casino they don’t have promotions compatible with Lucky Jet, which is a pity. I am enjoying the game a lot, but it would be even nicer to have some freebies to play with. I am actually thinking of switching to a different site that has bonuses for this game, as I have basically stopped playing anything else

  7. NoWay:(

    It kills me every time it hits that x1.00 multiplier. I usually wait for it to happen and only enter a round after it does. The safe strategies don’t really work here, but it is still a lot of fun

  8. LuckyJet 4ever

    I hope they introduce tournaments for Lucky Jet! This game has everything to become a competitive niche. Personally, I would join a competition even if the prizes were small just for the thrill of it