Demo Game Lucky Jet Free

The new Lucky Jet game is becoming huge in European online casinos, and there are many reasons for it. The players are having a blast in this game: they mostly enjoy the thrilling emotions it brings and the level of control they have over the outcome of every round.

As the title becomes more and more popular, it is not surprising that more and more players are looking to try out a demo version of Lucky Jet for free. Such an opportunity exists, although it comes with some constraints that will be covered in today’s article.

Lucky Jet Overview


Lucky Jet is yet another title in the Crash genre. The game is played in rounds which are launched automatically: the players are in the same lobby, so a new round begins after a short cooldown from the previous one. This cooldown is used for placing bets on the upcoming round, but that’s not all. Once the round starts, the players have an opportunity to redeem their bets, but the longer they hold onto them, the higher the reward will be. Lastly, as the name of the genre implies, the game might crash at any instance during the round.

This description could be applied to most titles in the subgenre, but there are some features that make Lucky Jet a truly unique game. First of all, the title offers a set of comprehensive statistics regarding the performance of other players. Secondly, it is possible to place two wagers on a single round, which is rather innovative for Crash games. Thirdly, Lucky Jet offers an option to set up automatic betting and automatic withdrawal, enabling the users to watch the game follow their strategies.

Supported Platforms


Essentially, Lucky Jet can be played on any platform that is compatible with the HTML-5 programming language. You can run this game on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and many other operating systems. The set of supported devices is huge, as even the outdated models are capable of running this game.

On desktops, it is possible to play Lucky Jet at any online casino that offers this title. Most of them are available in the browsers, but some virtual gambling establishments have downloadable applications for desktops, where you can also enjoy this Crash game.

For mobile devices, the options are the same: you can either play it in the browser or download an application to enjoy it. The title is distributed by online casinos, so it is important to check whether the place has Lucky Jet in its game collection before signing up or downloading an app.

Just to clarify, Lucky Jet does not have its own standalone website or app. In order to play it, it is necessary to find an online casino that is partnered with the developer of the title. As usual, it will also be necessary to set up a profile and make a deposit in order to try the real money playing mode.

Demo Mode


The demo mode of Lucky Jet is rather unusual. Experienced slots players will immediately notice the differences, but there is no surprise: the game itself is unique, so the same approach cannot be applied. With slot machines, the demo version lets you explore every aspect of the game and interact with every feature it has to offer. Unfortunately, it is not the case with Lucky Jet, but the good news is that the game offers a viable alternative which is going to be explored in detail in this section.

No Free Betting

The first and the most noticeable difference of the Lucky Jet demo version from trial editions of slot machines and some other games is that this title does not offer an opportunity to make bets. In slots it works the following way: the player launches the trial version of the game and gets some virtual credits. These virtual credits can be used for placing wagers in the game for free.

Unfortunately, the demo version of Lucky Jet does not offer an option to directly play the game. The bets in this Crash title can only be made with real funds, implying there is no option to join a round with virtual credits. The good news is that the players still have a chance to at least learn and explore the game.

Free Spectating

Even though you cannot place a virtual currency bet in Lucky Jet, there is still an opportunity to spectate it for free. Launching the game will allow you to see the real interface of the title. Thanks to the additional features of the game, it is possible to watch other people play in real-time, as they are all enjoying Lucky Jet in the same lobby.

Therefore, you can easily connect to this lobby and spectate other members of the casino place wagers and redeem their winnings. Of course, it is not as thrilling as placing virtual bets yourself, but it is still a viable option to learn the game better. From the bets of other users, it is possible to learn the best strategies as well as the main mechanics of Lucky Jet.

Free Stats

The second aspect of the Lucky Jet demo that many players find interesting to explore relates to another set of its additional features: the statistics. When playing Lucky Jet, you can switch between two additional tabs with stats. There, it is possible to find the best results of other players.

To be more specific, you can discover three different stats there, all of which are presented as leaderboards. The first of them is devoted to players with the most victories in the game, so it will be necessary to grind Lucky Jet a lot to get there. The second one shows the largest winnings that have been redeemed from the game. Right now, it is more than $150,000 from one bet, which is rather impressive. The last tab shows the largest multipliers the players managed to redeem their bets with, and the leading one is x316,954.

Even though this data does not serve any purpose in the game, it is still a great way to get a grasp of what the best players managed to achieve. It also adds a competitive element, as the most dedicated gamblers are doing their best to get to one of the leaderboards. The statistics mentioned in this section can be viewed for daily, monthly, or yearly periods.

Free Start

The demo version of Lucky Jet does not offer you a chance to actually play the game for free, but there is another option that would allow you to do it. Of course, this relates to the welcome bonuses many online casinos offer. Most of them have match bonuses which imply a deposit, but it will still be possible to play the game with the free bonus funds and not having to pay for your bets.

On some sites, it is even possible to get a free chip as a no deposit bonus. Free spin promotions won’t work as Lucky Jet is not compatible with them, but free chips are a perfect solution. In some cases, you will be able to use the free funds for a couple of rounds of Lucky Jet, which would act as a great way to try out the title for free.

It is worth mentioning that most of these no deposit free chips are very small, meaning you won’t likely be able to win big with such a bonus. On top of that, these promotions are rather restrictive, and the casino may limit the maximum sum you can win with such a bonus. Last but not least, some casinos may simply not allow the use of bonus funds in Lucky Jet.

When interacting with promotions, it is always recommended to read the bonus terms and rules attentively. In case some of the rules are not clear, it is suggested to ask the customer support service to elaborate on them, as it is too risky to opt-in without knowing the conditions.

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