Lucky Jet Strategies to Win

Lucky Jet becomes more and more popular on European iGaming websites. Online casinos continue to add it to their game lobbies, and the players seem to enjoy the title a lot. For many of them, however, it is difficult to determine a strategy that would make their experience more efficient.

The good news is that there are several approaches it is possible to take on to improve one’s results in Lucky Jet. Expectedly, none of them can guarantee consistent victories or a profit margin, as there always is a house edge in casino games. But it will surely make the sessions more predictable and beneficial.

What Is Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is a game in the Crash subgenre. It revolves around a constantly increasing multiplier that may crash at any moment, ending the round and voiding the players’ bets. The gamblers, in turn, have a chance to redeem their winnings before that happens, and the amount they withdraw will depend on the moment they decide to do so.

The players are all in the same lobby, so they can see other users’ bets. Moreover, withdrawals of other players are also updated in real-time. There is also an opportunity to browse the leaderboard, where the most successful players are posted every day, week, and month.

Lucky Jet is clearly inspired by a famous mobile game that also featured a human with a jetpack. The gameplay here is fairly simple, as the players only get to interact with their wagers, and there are no additional gameplay mechanics. Nevertheless, the experience is very thrilling, and thousands of players are enjoying the title every day.

How to Win in Lucky Jet

To win in Lucky Jet, it is enough to withdraw the bet after a round has begun. The multiplier starts from x1.00, so a withdrawal with a x1.01 multiplier will bring a 1% profit. The mechanical part of this is also rather intuitive. The first thing to do is to submit a bet and to wait for the round to begin. The countdown is always available in the middle of the screen.

Once the round begins, the betting button is replaced with the withdrawal button. As soon as the player feels ready to redeem their winnings, they should click on that button. It is easy to win in Lucky Jet, but it is equally easy to lose. Many players get too greedy with their wagers and fail to cash them out in time. On top of that, the multiplier crashes at x1.00 from time to time, so fast withdrawals are not really a safe option here.

Winning in the long run is a much harder question. Securing one successful bet is easy, but having a good streak and making a profitable session is hard. As any other casino game, Lucky Jet is designed to give the casino an edge. Even though the players get to make their own decisions in this game, none of them will result in outperforming the maximum RTP value of the title. Instead, the gamblers should aim for getting as close to that maximum RTP value as possible, and it’s where the strategies come in.

Hacks and Predictions for Lucky Jet

The situation with Lucky Jet is rather interesting and unique, as it is one of the very few games that have such a load of malware associated with them. The web is full of programs that claim to guarantee you consistent wins and provide you with accurate results and predictions for every round played in the game.

Of course, none of these programs actually work. Unfortunately, all of them are pieces of malicious software designed to hack into the system of the gullible user who decides to install them. It is strongly recommended not to download any programs that claim to make it easier to win in Lucky Jet or any other online casino game.

In many cases, these programs are paid, and people distributing them are asking for a payment in advance. Of course, after receiving the payment they start ghosting the user and do not provide them with the programs that were promised.

Strategies and Tips for Lucky Jet

In contrast to hacks and cheats for Lucky Jet, there are some strategies for the game. The players make their own decisions here, and there are several approaches it is possible to take in order to improve the results. As mentioned, none of them are guaranteeing consistent victories or even positive results, but having a systematic approach will surely be more beneficial than making random wagers.

For many players, betting on a system is a good way of preventing themselves from getting too greedy. It is a very common situation, when a player sees a multiplier over x20, and continues to hold onto it, hoping it will be significantly higher. And even though the multipliers in Lucky Jet reach x1,500 from time to time, a much more frequent outcome for this player would be that the multiplier crashes before they redeem their bet.

Following a specific pattern will eliminate such a possibility, as the player will know exactly when to cash out and how much to bet. The drawback of such an approach is that it is less entertaining, but that is the price that has to be paid for a high efficiency.

One Round, Two Bets

The first approach that could be considered for Lucky Jet relates to placing two wagers on the same round. The first bet should be cashed out as soon as the multiplier reaches x2, while the second one is used to chase a huge multiplier. The benefit here is that the second bet is already compensated by the first one, so it is easier for the player to risk. Of course, the drawback here is that the multiplier won’t always reach x2, resulting in both bets being voided.

Bet After Crash

The second idea many Lucky Jet players follow relates to placing wagers right after the game crashes on a low multiplier. For example, a user might sit in the lobby and spectate the rounds until the multiplier crashes on x1.02. The strategy implies that the user should enter the following round, as it is not very likely for the game to crash on such a low multiplier twice in a row. The obvious drawback to this strategy is that sometimes such a situation occurs anyway. Nevertheless, the most dedicated players still manage to sit through such series of low multipliers and get a big win.

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